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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: The Rise of Digi Saheli

In today’s digital age, the power of technology is transforming lives and industries around the globe. In India, the Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (India) Council (CBEIC) is harnessing this power to drive socio-economic change, particularly for women. One of the most impactful initiatives spearheaded by CBEIC is the Digi Saheli program. This innovative platform is designed to empower women entrepreneurs by providing them with the digital tools, skills, and support they need to succeed in the modern business landscape.

What is Digi Saheli?

Digi Saheli is a comprehensive digital empowerment program aimed at equipping women entrepreneurs with essential digital skills and resources. The initiative focuses on fostering entrepreneurship among women, especially in rural and semi-urban areas, by providing access to digital technologies and training. The program is structured to help women leverage digital tools to start, manage, and grow their businesses effectively.

Objectives of Digi Saheli

The core objectives of Digi Saheli include:

  1. Digital Literacy: Enhancing digital literacy among women entrepreneurs to enable them to navigate and utilize various digital platforms.
  2. Entrepreneurship Development: Providing training and resources to help women start and manage their own businesses.
  3. Market Access: Facilitating access to wider markets through e-commerce platforms and digital marketing strategies.
  4. Financial Inclusion: Promoting financial literacy and inclusion by teaching women how to use digital financial services and tools.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Creating a network of women entrepreneurs for peer support, mentorship, and collaboration.

Key Components of Digi Saheli

1. Digital Training and Workshops: Digi Saheli offers a range of training sessions and workshops focused on digital skills. These include basic computer literacy, internet usage, social media marketing, e-commerce, and online financial transactions. The training is designed to be accessible and practical, enabling women to apply their new skills directly to their businesses.

2. E-Commerce Integration: One of the significant barriers for women entrepreneurs is access to broader markets. Digi Saheli addresses this by helping women set up online stores and understand the dynamics of e-commerce. The program provides guidance on creating compelling product listings, managing online sales, and reaching customers through digital marketing.

3. Financial Literacy Programs: Financial literacy is crucial for business success. Digi Saheli includes modules on budgeting, financial planning, and using digital payment systems. Women entrepreneurs learn how to manage their finances effectively, access loans, and utilize various financial tools to support their business growth.

4. Mentorship and Networking: Digi Saheli fosters a community of women entrepreneurs who can support and learn from each other. The program connects participants with experienced mentors who provide guidance and share their entrepreneurial journeys. Networking events and online forums also offer opportunities for collaboration and peer learning.

5. Continuous Support and Resources: The journey of entrepreneurship does not end with the initial training. Digi Saheli ensures continuous support through regular updates, advanced training sessions, and access to resources such as templates, toolkits, and industry insights. This ongoing support helps women stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in digital business.

Impact of Digi Saheli

Since its inception, Digi Saheli has had a profound impact on the lives of many women entrepreneurs across India. Here are some of the notable achievements:

  • Increased Digital Literacy: Thousands of women have become digitally literate, gaining confidence in using technology to enhance their businesses.
  • Business Growth: Participants have reported significant growth in their businesses, with increased sales and expanded customer bases through online platforms.
  • Economic Independence: Women entrepreneurs have achieved greater economic independence, contributing to their families’ financial stability and community development.
  • Community Development: The ripple effect of empowering women entrepreneurs extends to their communities, fostering overall socio-economic development.

Success Stories

Jyoti’s Handicrafts: Jyoti, a participant from a small village in Uttar Pradesh, transformed her local handicrafts business by joining Digi Saheli. With training in e-commerce and digital marketing, she set up an online store and started selling her products nationwide. Her business has seen remarkable growth, and she now employs several women from her village, creating local employment opportunities.

Anita’s Organic Farm: Anita, an organic farmer from Bihar, used to struggle with limited market access and low sales. Through Digi Saheli, she learned how to use social media to promote her products and connected with online marketplaces. Today, Anita’s organic produce is in high demand, and she has expanded her farm to meet the growing orders.

The Future of Digi Saheli

CBEIC envisions Digi Saheli as a catalyst for widespread change, aiming to reach more women entrepreneurs across the country. The program plans to expand its offerings, incorporating advanced digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to further empower women in business. By continuously evolving and adapting to the changing digital landscape, Digi Saheli will continue to pave the way for women entrepreneurs, driving economic growth and gender equality.


Digi Saheli stands as a testament to the transformative power of digital technology in empowering women entrepreneurs. By providing essential skills, resources, and support, CBEIC is enabling women to break barriers and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. As more women embrace digital entrepreneurship, the program’s impact will resonate throughout India, fostering a more inclusive and prosperous society.

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