Gramin Udyog Mitra


Gramin Udyog Mitra : Bridging Prosperity at Village and Block Levels

Introduction: Gramin Udyog Mitra (GUM) is a pioneering entity established by the Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur Council in India, operating under the Gramin Udyog Seva Kendra (GUSK) initiative. GUM serves as a crucial link at the grassroots level, aiming to foster development, entrepreneurship, and social welfare in rural India.

Mission: GUM is dedicated to empowering villages and blocks across India by promoting entrepreneurship, offering legal advice, facilitating financial assistance for rural businesses and farmers, implementing social welfare programs, and fostering women empowerment. The ultimate goal is to create a robust network channel that seamlessly connects manufacturers to buyers, ensuring economic growth and sustainability.



Key Objectives:

  1. Entrepreneurship Development:
    • Identify and nurture entrepreneurial talent within villages and blocks.
    • Provide training, mentorship, and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs.
    • Encourage innovation and the implementation of sustainable business practices.
  2. Legal Advisory Services:
    • Offer legal guidance to individuals and businesses to ensure compliance with regulations.
    • Facilitate workshops and awareness programs on legal rights and responsibilities.
    • Act as a liaison between local communities and legal experts.
  3. Financial Assistance for Rural Businesses & Farmers:
    • Assist in accessing financial resources, grants, and loans for rural businesses and farmers.
    • Collaborate with financial institutions to create customized financial solutions.
    • Promote financial literacy and responsible financial management.
  4. Social Welfare Programs:
    • Implement and manage social welfare initiatives focusing on healthcare, education, and community development.
    • Facilitate collaboration with government agencies, NGOs, and other stakeholders.
    • Ensure inclusivity and equal access to social welfare benefits.
  5. Women Empowerment:
    • Develop programs to empower women through skill development and entrepreneurship.
    • Advocate for gender equality and create a supportive environment for women-led initiatives.
    • Provide access to resources and opportunities for women in rural areas.
  6. Network Expansion:
    • Establish and strengthen the Gramin Udyog Sahayak (GUS) network at the village and block levels.
    • Encourage community participation and engagement in GUM initiatives.
    • Foster collaboration with local leaders, organizations, and influencers.


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