Invitation for Quotation – E-Auto and E-Bikes Procurement

We hope this message finds you well. We are pleased to invite your esteemed company to submit a quotation for the procurement of E-Autos and E-Bikes as part of our initiative, “Mahila Saarthi.” Mahila Saarthi, under the auspices of the Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (India) Council, is committed to empowering women and promoting sustainable urban mobility.

Scope of Work

We are seeking quotations for the following electric vehicles:

  1. E-Autos: 10000
  2. E-Bikes: 10000

Specifications and Requirements

The electric vehicles should meet the following specifications and requirements:

  • [List any specific technical and performance requirements, e.g., battery capacity, range, seating capacity, safety features, etc.]

Submission Requirements

Vendors interested in providing quotations for this project are required to submit the following:

  1. A detailed quotation specifying the unit price for each E-Auto and E-Bike.
  2. Information about the technical specifications and features of the electric vehicles offered.
  3. Any warranty or after-sales service options provided.
  4. Details about your company’s experience in manufacturing and supplying electric vehicles.
  5. References from previous clients, if available.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for Quotation Submission: [Insert Deadline Date]
  • Vendor Selection Announcement: [Insert Announcement Date]

Contact Information

For any questions or to submit your quotation, please contact Ashish Kumar at

Submission of Quotations

All quotations must be submitted to Office Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (India) Council 1103 Surya Kiran Building KG Marg New Delhi -110001 in a sealed envelope clearly marked “E-Auto and E-Bike Quotation.” Quotations received after the deadline will not be considered.

We appreciate your interest in supporting Mahila Saarthi’s mission of empowering women and promoting sustainable urban mobility through the procurement of electric vehicles. We look forward to receiving your quotation and potentially collaborating with your esteemed company to make a positive impact on women’s lives and the environment.

Thank you for your consideration.



Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (India) Council

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