Kisan Suvidha

Kishan Suvidha is a comprehensive agriculture support platform launched by the Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (INDIA) Council (CBEIC) to empower farmers across India. The platform provides a wide range of services and benefits aimed at improving the lives and livelihoods of farmers, including access to finance, market information, and other essential resources.

Kishan Suvidha is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to farmers of all ages and backgrounds. The platform is available through a variety of channels, including a web portal, mobile app, and local service centers.

One of the key features of Kishan Suvidha is the provision of prepaid cards, which allow farmers to transact easily and securely both online and in-person. These cards are co-branded with State Bank of India, one of the largest banking institutions in India, and are designed to provide farmers with easy and affordable access to financial services.

In addition to the prepaid cards, Kishan Suvidha also provides farmers with access to a range of services and products, including crop insurance, agricultural inputs, and training programs. The platform also provides farmers with market information and helps them connect with buyers and suppliers, enabling them to get the best possible price for their crops.

The goal of Kishan Suvidha is to create a sustainable and supportive ecosystem for farmers in India. By providing farmers with access to finance, information, and other essential resources, Kishan Suvidha aims to help improve the livelihoods of farmers and contribute to the growth and development of the agricultural sector in India.

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