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Welcome to the Kisan Suvidha , a joint venture between the National Federation of Tourism & Transport Cooperative of India Ltd (NFTC) and the Chamber of Business and Entrepreneur (India) Council (CBEIC). Our mission is to support and empower farmers across the country by providing access to a wide range of services and benefits.

Our joint venture brings together the expertise of two organizations, combining NFTC’s experience in the tourism and transport industry with CBEIC’s vision to serve farmers. Together, we are committed to creating a strong and sustainable platform that benefits farmers throughout India.

At Kisan Suvidha, we believe in providing farmers with comprehensive support, from access to finance and market information to essential resources such as seeds and fertilizers. Our prepaid card, in partnership with State Bank of India, allows farmers to make transactions on our ecommerce portal, providing access to a wide range of products and services across various sectors.

We also offer Kisan Suvidha Points, our local establishments where farmers can access our services and make transactions with their prepaid card. Our Kishan Suvidha app and website provide farmers with easy access to our services and resources from anywhere, anytime.

We are committed to the success of this project and to serving the needs of farmers across India. Join us in our mission to support and empower farmers, and together we can create a better future for agriculture in India.

Explore our website to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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