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Chamber Of Business And Entrepreneurs (India) Council Help To Develop Projects Of Government Schemes

The Chamber Of Business And Entrepreneurs (India) Council Help To Develop Projects Of Government Schemes By Providing A Platform For Businesses To Share Their Ideas And Opinions On The Various Government Schemes. The Council Also Helps To Identify The Gaps In The Current Schemes And Provides Suggestions On How To Improve Them. In Addition, The Chamber Also Works With The Government To Create Awareness About The Schemes Among Businesses And Helps Them To Access The Benefits Of These Schemes.

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CBEIC Work For Small/Medium Entrepreneurs To Assist Them To Establish Their Projects

Starting A Business Is Not An Easy Task. There Are Numerous Things To Think About And Organize Before You Can Even Open Your Doors. This Is Why The Center For Business And Entrepreneurial Initiatives (CBEIC) Was Created; To Assist Small To Medium Entrepreneurs In Establishing Their Projects.


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best Organization Especially in Development

The CBEIC Offers Many Services That Can Be Extremely Helpful For Those Starting A Business. They Can Help With Anything From Market Research To Financial Planning. They Also Have A Wide Network Of Resources That They Can Connect You With, Which Can Make Starting Your Business Much Easier.

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implement solutions & achieve goals.

Our History

Our Company History

CBEIC was founded in 2020 as a visionary organization dedicated to advancing the interests of businesses and entrepreneurs in India.

In its early years, CBEIC successfully established a diverse and robust membership base, comprising corporations, startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals passionate about entrepreneurship.

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CBEIC initiated its policy advocacy efforts to promote business-friendly policies and regulations at the national and regional levels, contributing to a conducive environment for business growth.

o support aspiring entrepreneurs, CBEIC launched its first entrepreneurship training program, empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to start and scale their ventures.

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CBEIC expanded its portfolio of sector-specific initiatives, including projects related to quality control, sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), financial consulting, and more.

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